Sketching Templates

Get ideas out of your head and onto paper quickly with this colossal collection of printable templates.

Forget the fancy tools for a bit

There’s nothing like pen and paper for removing barriers and letting your ideas flow. Whether you want to explore a bunch of different directions quickly or sketch out a single concept in more detail, these Sketching Templates come in an assortment of shapes and sizes for any situation. Ready to print and use from the start, you can also customize these templates within Sketch to add your own branding and helpful grid guidelines.

Templates include:

  • Device outlines or boxes from one up to eight per page;
  • Optional space for notes on each concept or screen;
  • Optional headers for project details (and your own branding), and;
  • Optional dot grids or line grids as helpful guidelines;

Tailored for variety

Sample: A printed sheet with a single phone and space below to show what UI might appear below the screen along with space for notes.

Sketch your next mobile app or site

Sample: A printed sheet with two iPhone X mockups, a header, and space for notes.
iPhone X

Embrace the notch

Sample: A printed sheet with four tablet mockups and nothing else.

Compose richer handheld apps

Sample: A printed sheet with three watch mockups and space for notes.
Apple Watch

Fashion new wearable interfaces

Sample: A printed sheet with six browser windows and a header.

Design for the web

Sample: A printed sheet with eight squares, a header, and lines for notes.
Plain Squares

Explore ideas of any shape or size

Zoom in a bit

1 2 3 4 A printed sketching template with a header at the top including a generic logo and lines to add project details, with six boxes below that have a quarter inch dot grid inside them, and a line below each box to add notes.
  1. Add your brand

    Place your logo in header symbols to apply your own brand across templates with headers.

  2. Project details

    Optionally add meta details to your sketches so you can annotate and find them later.

  1. Optional grids

    Sometimes we all want a little extra guidance to draw straight lines or estimate spacing.

  2. Space for notes

    Templates come with or without lines to add notes and details about each sketch.

Like what you see?

There’s more where that came from. Lots more! The UX Compendium is a cohesive collection of useful templates and libraries for Sketch to round out your design process beyond the UI.

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