Persona Cards

Create your own printable persona trading cards to give your team shareable, illuminating personas that invite use.

Made for sharing

You poured hours of research into your personas, getting to know tons of users and honing their qualities down to a set of memorable personas to design for. How often do those personas languish as a Powerpoint file or Word document on a shared drive where no one sees them?

With Persona Cards, you can quickly design, print, and share “collectible” personas that are easy to digest, fun to deploy in workshops, and beautifully decorative to display on your desk, walls, and whiteboards in between.

Take a closer look

1 2 3 4 The front of the persona card shows a large portrait with a banner underneath giving the persona's name and title, along with a quote from a typical user.
  1. Photos & illustration

    Add your own photos or create diverse illustrated personas using the Scenario Comic toolkit.

  2. Borders & backgrounds

    Choose from different portrait shapes and background styles, and add your own colors for visual variety.

  1. Banners

    Pick from a selection of banners to highlight your persona name and role in a style that suits them.

  2. Quotes & text

    Add relevant quotes and customize the text style. Or replace the quote with other text blocks or data to highlight the most important information.

And on the flip side …

5 6 7 8 The back of the persona card includes options for text areas, key/value pairs, progress bars, and sliding scales.
  1. Large text blocks

    Elaborate in more detail with long text blocks like a bio, goals, needs, challenges, or wants.

  2. Short text blocks

    Shorter text blocks resize automatically by the length of the text in the label.

  1. Range data

    Given two opposing points, show where your persona falls between them.

  2. Progress bars

    Show persona skill level or progress in a particular area using progress bars.

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