Clarity. Consistency. Aesthetics. Agility. Empathy. We expect so much of the modern designer. On any given day, you’re facilitating design studios, running team critiques, moderating research sessions, and creating wireframes, prototypes, and hi-fidelity graphics. All while trying to convey the needs and goals of your user to your team, planning out the end-to-end experience of using the latest feature, or rethinking the structure of your content.

It’s no wonder your design artifacts look like a jerry-rigged hodgepodge. They probably are! But they don’t have to be.

The UX Compendium is a collection of templates and tools to speed up your design process and help you focus on creating a great experience.

With the UX Compendium, your work will be:

  • more consistent, with templates designed to look great together;
  • more agile, so you can quickly get ideas out of your head and test them;
  • more appealing, so your artifacts don’t look like a Powerpoint template from the 90s;
  • and more functional, to help you expand your skills and use new tools.

Launching in early 2018

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What’s in the box?

  • An icon representing printable sketching templates

    Wireframe Templates

    Printable templates for design studios and paper prototyping

  • An icon representing style tile templates

    Style Tiles

    Explore visual styles without the commitment of layouts

  • An icon representing persona cards

    Persona Cards

    Printable trading card templates for sharing personas

  • An icon representing journey maps

    Journey Maps

    Capture the user’s experience from beginning to end

  • An icon representing scenario comics

    Scenario Comics

    Convey individual moments through visual scenarios

  • An icon representing site maps

    Site Maps

    Depict the structure and flow of content

  • An icon representing more items coming soon

    And Even More ...

    Future updates are automatically rolled in